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The ABA Law Practice Division is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers this spring. Pre-order your copy today at a 15% discount! The legal community is notorious for generating paper—and lots of it. But lawyers can save time and money by transitioning to a paperless office. Paperless in […]

E-mail may be the biggest form of electronic clutter we face each day, and keeping up with it can be a major hassle. As we discussed earlier, e-mail is one of the most often cited time wasters in modern offices. It can be overwhelming and one of the worst enemies of productivity. The following Email Management tips can help you […]

As the Office Administrator at a small law firm, I need to make technology decisions that are the most appropriate and cost effective for the practice. Despite this, I wasn’t sure that my attendance at ABA TECHSHOW was warranted. That changed almost immediately. My ABA TECHSHOW experience paid for itself in the very first session I […]

“Quick Tips” week here at Law Technology Today continues!  Take a moment to reflect and rediscover some of the great posts you may have missed out on in 2015! It is your job as a legal concierge to tap into the wealth of information that your firm possesses in order to make relevant and important information available […]

It’s no surprise that legal and IT departments have different goals for their organization. Legal is focused on mitigating risks predominantly related to their company’s regulatory environment, while IT is concerned with architecture, hardware, software, and networking, so that the company’s employees can do their jobs successfully. Despite their different purposes, they must work hand-in-hand—specifically […]

There’s a weird paradox in legal research. Many documents—cases, statutes, journal articles—are freely available online. Cases and statutes are in the public domain, and most law reviews distribute their articles at no charge on platforms like SSRN, Bepress, and their own websites. But somehow legal research remains expensive, sometimes insanely so: lawyers pay hundreds of […]

One of the ABA’s bestselling books has been fully updated and revised for our readers and members. LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition, reflects significant changes to LinkedIn’s layout and functionality made in the past year. In just one hour, this book will help you: Set up a LinkedIn account Create a robust, dynamic […]

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re on the right career path? Maybe there’s a small voice that pops up every now and then with thoughts of a different way to spend your days. Or perhaps it’s a full-on shout. Wherever you are on the path, it’s normal to feel a bit paralyzed and […]